15 Best Ground Beef Casseroles

15 Best Ground Beef Casseroles

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casseroles are the king of comfort food—easy prep, great for a crowd, and always packed to the brim with the good stuff, like pasta, veggies (they’re the BEST way to hide them for picky eaters), and cheap and simple proteins like ground beef. In fact, we love casseroles made with ground beef so much, we rounded up all our favorites here. Make these for weeknight dinners, game days, potlucks…they’re a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

This list is full of everything from familiar standbys to new and creative ideas from around the world. We’ve got comforting family-friendly classics like lasagna, stuffed pepper casserole (SO much less labor-intensive than its inspiration), and shepherd’s pie, as well as classic party bakes, like hamburger casserole, tater tot casserole, or our meatball sub casserole. These are the BEST for when your family dinner table is full or when you’ve got all your friends coming over to watch a game because they don’t take a ton of prep time—most of the time spent is hands-off!

There are also a few casseroles on this list you might be less familiar with, like our Puerto Rican pastelón, our Greek-Italian pasta moussaka, or our Greek pastitsio. They admittedly take a bit more effort than your average casserole, but trust us, it’s very much worth it for their unique flavors. Try them and we bet they’ll become a staple in your special occasion repertoire.

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