50 Slimming World recipes to fuel your weight loss

50 Slimming World recipes to fuel your weight loss

50 Slimming World recipes to fuel your weight loss

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Slimming World? You’re not alone. With 13,000 weekly groups and 700,000 members across the UK and Ireland, Slimming World – despite being founded back in 1969 – remains one of the most popular (and famous) weight loss clubs around.

And since many of us are trapped in a junk food cycle, with figures showing some 28 per cent of the population is now obese (one of the highest rates in Europe FYI), leaning on an external organisation can help provide the support, encouragement and motivation some of us need in order to make healthy eating decisions.

So, if you’re looking to switch up your meal routine, experiment with some new ingredients, reintroduce a few key nutrients and limit fatty, sugary, calorie-rich foods, then you might like to try some Slimming World recipes.

But, is Slimming World right for you? Read on. We’ve got everything you need to know…

Can Slimming World recipes help you lose weight?

As with all eating plans, it really depends.

Research conducted by Slimming World found that over half — 60% — of British adults struggle with their weight or negative body image, and, of those, 74% have used self-deprecating language when referring to their weight or body image. Using words such as; ‘shame’, ‘anxious’, ‘invisible’, ‘uncomfortable’, ‘insecure’ and ‘embarrassed’.

It’s unsurprising in a society where beauty expectations are everywhere. Whilst self-care comes in many forms and body confidence shouldn’t be linked to how much you weigh (far from it) stats do suggest that Slimming World members felt more positive after losing fat. A huge 91% of their members, to be exact, reported feeling more emotionally positive after embarking on the steady, sustainable and supported fat loss plan.

Wondering how Slimming World works or perhaps you’ve heard rumblings of Slimming World Syns? Well, if you’ve done your research on the best diets, you’ll know that Slimming World is one of the most popular fat loss programmes in the UK, assisting millions of fat loss journeys. Not bad.

What are the best Slimming World recipes?

Well, the best Slimming World recipes are the ones that you enjoy cooking and eating, make you feel great, and help you inch closer to your goals (whether they involve weight loss, feeling energised, or simply having fun with food prep). For that reason, the best Slimming World recipes are a somewhat subjective topic and really come down to personal preference, but, as it happens, we do have a few favourites…

You don’t need WH to tell you that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fat loss and losing weight doesn’t necessarily equal happiness — what works for you, won’t work for Debs from next door. Essentially: we can’t say for sure whether the Slimming World diet is suited to you, nor whether it will be sustainable in the long run.

What we can do, however, is point you in the direction of the 50 Slimming World recipes with thousands of saves on Pinterest and tell you that most are macro-balanced meals containing protein, carbs, fats and lots of veggies — win, win.

These are (unofficially) the best Slimming World recipes on social media.

50 Slimming World recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner