7 recipes to incorporate beans into your baking

7 recipes to incorporate beans into your baking

7 recipes to incorporate beans into your baking

Netflix’s “Blue Zones” docuseries explores areas of the world whose inhabitants live longer than the global average, thanks to a combination of lifestyle and diet choices. One key ingredient in their diet — beans — makes for a surprisingly tasty addition to some of your favorite desserts.

“Blue Zones,” hosted by journalist Dan Buettner, reveals there are certain diet choices and ingredients that are staple in the lives of the longest-living people in the world. In particular, Buettner found that most of the “Blue Zone” populations ate beans and legumes regularly.

According to the American Heart Association, beans are nutritional powerhouses. They’re high in protein and fiber but low in saturated fat and cholesterol and are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, per Medical News Today.

If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate this staple into your diet, here are some delicious sweet treats that you won’t believe have beans in them.

8 dessert recipes with beans

1. Black bean brownies

This recipe’s ingredient list is similar to most brownie recipes, with just one substitution: instead of flour, it calls for blended black beans. If you want to go one step further in the health department, this recipe has no refined sugars and uses maple syrup as a sweetener.

2. Tofu chocolate pudding

Tofu is made of soybeans, which means it has many of the same nutritional properties as other members of the bean family, including a high protein content. It may sound strange, but silken tofu actually has such a delicate texture that if you blend it up with maple syrup and melted chocolate, you end up with a light, fluffy chocolate mousse that’s low in sugar and high in protein.

3. Chickpea chocolate chip cookie dough

Blended chickpeas have a hearty texture that’s perfect for a chocolate chip cookie dough dip that’s far more nutritionally dense than the regular kind. This recipe calls for you to use the sweetener of your choice, so you can opt for brown sugar if you want a more traditional chocolate chip cookie flavor or try monk fruit or stevia for a sugar-free option.

4. Black bean chocolate fudge truffles

You can find several recipes for bean-based truffles, but this one is especially easy and high in protein: its only ingredients are blended black beans, chocolate protein powder, water and melted chocolate for dipping. Some protein powders can taste a little chalky, so make sure you’re using a high-quality one.

5. Taho

Taho is a simple yet delicious Filipino dish made of layers of silken tofu, tapioca pearls, and a brown sugar syrup. It makes for a great afternoon snack or dessert and is much higher in protein than the average dessert.

6. Red bean buns

Sweet red bean treats can be found in many different forms, such as red bean mochi, red bean mooncakes and more. However, steamed red bean buns are my personal favorite. This delicious treat can commonly be found in Chinese bakeries, but it isn’t too complicated to make at home following this recipe.

7. White bean blondies

If you like black bean brownies, try these white bean blondies for a similar texture but lighter flavor. A good food processor will ensure your blondies have a smooth texture and other ingredients like brown sugar and honey give the dessert a sweet, caramelized flavor.

8. Tofu crème brûlée

Whether you’re trying to get more protein into your desserts or don’t eat eggs and are missing your favorite custardy recipes, this tofu-based crème brûlée is an easy and delicious dessert option.


🍮 crème brûlée🍮 Tantalising Tofu ep2 by @bensvegankitchen follow for more. I love a crème brûlée but a vegan version has never quite hit the same but this is perfection. Honestly one of the best desserts I’ve ever made. We’re using silken tofu for this episode and packing this pudding with protein. To make, you need: 300g silken tofu 130g granulated sugar, plus extra for brûlée 1/2cup of the thick cream from a can of coconut milk 60mil nondairy milk 2 tbsp nutritional yeast 1 tbsp potato or cornstarch 1 vanilla pod with the beans scraped out 1/8 tsp sea salt pinch of turmeric (optional) -add your ingredients to a blender and blend -pour into a saucepan over a low to medium heat whisking the whole time until it thickens -pour into individual ramekins and cover -leave to set in the fridge for 6 hours or ideally overnight -sprinkle over a light amount of sugar and use a blowtorch to brûlée the top (yes, you need a blowtorch unfortunately) Tuck in and enjoy x #vegan #plantbased #healthy #veganfood #veganrecipes #veganuk #vegandessert #dessert #desserts #cremebrulee #protein #healthy

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