A positive update on the Bitty and Beau’s coffee shop

A positive update on the Bitty and Beau’s coffee shop

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Bitty and Beau’s has become a place for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to shine. More than a coffee shop, it is a place to work where they are valued.

“It’s nice to go to a business where they focus a lot on people,” Clare Merante said.

“I love it; they’re definitely like family to me,” barista Meghan MacLeod said.

Co-founder Amy Wright and her family decided to start a business with their two children with Down syndrome, Bitty and Beau, in their hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina, eight years ago.

“One of the things we learned as parents of children with disabilities is that 80% of people with disabilities don’t have jobs in our country. We didn’t want our kids growing up and being part of that statistic,” Wright said.

Now, they have 20 shops nationwide and were excited to pick Pittsburgh as their latest location.

“We wanted to be in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has been on our radar for a while, we love the Strip District, and we feel it is a great place to build community.”

Some employees are working for the first time, while others enjoy the confidence that having a job offers. Here, they write a special note on every cup.

“Everyone was really nice when I went to get coffee, and then they wrote ‘You are amazing!’ on my cup, which was so nice!” Merante added.

Every Bitty and Beau’s location strives to make more than a cup of coffee. They hope to foster meaningful connections.

“Meeting new customers, meeting new people from different states that are visiting from out of town.”

“It’s super positive here, and a nice place to get things done, but also see their mission in full swing,” visitor Rebecca Supensky said.

The next time you’re strolling in the Strip, stop by Bitty and Beau’s for a coffee and a smile.