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Eight-year-old Raw Jūce isn’t built on a fad foundation, nor is it riding any bandwagon. Instead, the founders of this South Florida-based business got into juicing for all the right reasons: to fight disease via a raw-food diet. Today, Raw Jūce’s mission remains the same: to educate the public on the benefits of juicing while making it easy to adopt a produce-filled diet with its line of fresh-pressed, conveniently bottled juices. Made daily, all of Raw Jūce’s signature drinks aim to maximize nutritional density, thanks to cold-pressing, a method said to deliver long-lasting bioavailability — not to mention the best possible flavor. There are over a half-dozen options in a rainbow of colors, including the aqua-tinged Electro Fuel, made with Blue Majik photosynthetic algae. Or keep it OG with Raw Green, a veggie-forward combo of parsley, spinach, romaine, kiwi, lemon, kale, green apple, chlorella, ginger, and probiotics. In addition to juice, you’ll find vibrantly hued açaí bowls that fuse ingredients such as goji berries, honey, mango, strawberries, and bee pollen, as well as an array of smoothies, raw oatmeal, salads, and yummy vegan desserts like cashew-butter cups.