Dunn Brothers Coffee in eastern Sioux Falls changes ownership

After 15 years, the owners of Dunn Brothers Coffee in eastern Sioux Falls are selling their coffee shop.

Emily Vincelli opened the shop, at 5320 E. Arrowhead Parkway, in 2006 with her parents, Doris and Jack Sitzmann, as co-owners.

The east side was years away from development, and Dunn Brothers was one of the first coffee shops on the edge of town. The shop was there back when Coldstone Creamery had a store nearby, and had already established itself before Dawley Farms filled in with department stores.

“It was slow going at the beginning, and it took us a while to take shape, but we definitely found our place on the east side,” 46-year-old Vincelli said.

Now, Vincelli and her parents are ready to hand over the reins to new owners. Alaina and Dylan Huyser, and Abby and Lucas Teunissen, will officially become owners Sept. 1.

(Left to right) Dylan Huyser, Alaina Huyser, Abby Teunissen and Lucas Teunissen pose for a photo in front of Dunn Brothers Coffee in eastern Sioux Falls. The two couples are soon-to-be the new owners of the coffee shop.

Alaina Huyser has been an employee at Dunn Bros. for two-and-a-half years now, and she felt it was the right step to take ownership of a place that feels like home to her, she said.

“When I graduated college, Emily voiced interest in wanting to sell and I jumped on the opportunity,” the 22-year-old said. “It felt like a God thing, that it just all fell into my lap. It seems like this is kind of fate.”