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Edill’s Coffee House – blogTO

Edill’s Coffee House is a bustling open-concept cafe on Kennedy Road.

Originally opened in 2019 under the name Royaltea Coffee, the restaurant rebranded in late 2023. This change was not only meant to prevent confusion with similarly named establishments, but to highlight the accomplishments of its owner, Edill.

Edill is a self-described coffee fanatic whose love of hot drinks drove her to make them her business. She has a special attachment to East African flavours, which feature prominently in the cafe’s menu.

edills coffee houseEdill and her team spent months teasing the overhaul on Instagram, before finally unveiling the cafe’s new look on Christmas Eve.

The renovated space is large, bright and clean, though lunchtime crowds can leave it feeling a bit cramped.

During our visit, the line snaked through the entire restaurant, curving through the dining area before coming to a stop near the front door. Edill tells us that this level of activity is typical for a weekday afternoon.

edills coffee houseIf you’re able to snag a seat, you’ll get a better look at some of the cafe’s distinctive features. These include an industrial sized coffee grinder and an illuminated wall that cycles through several different colours.edills coffee houseEdill’s specializes in sweet drinks and light snacks, many of which are African in origin. New blends are showcased each day and pouches of ethically sourced coffee and tea can be found near the checkout.edills coffee houseWe tried the Tres Leches ($5.75), an iced drink that tastes almost like a milky dessert.

As with its namesake, condensed milk is a key ingredient, but a double shot of Kenyan coffee gives the drink its own unique identity.

Be sure to mix your coffee before taking a sip — otherwise, you may end up with a strawful of syrup!edills coffee houseBiscoff Creme Brulee ($5.75) ups the ante by using two different desserts as inspiration: namely, Lotus Biscoff and creme brulee.

Despite this, this drink manages to strike the right balance between bitterness and sweetness.

The biscoff crumble sitting on top also helps give it a fun texture.

edills coffee houseBrownies ($4.75) are thick and chewy, with a fudgy flavour enhanced by a dusting of powdered sugar.edills coffee houseSurprisingly, I preferred the Date and Coconut Bar ($3.50). While both treats are equally filling, this one has an interesting flavour profile, courtesy of the dried fruits inside.

The best comparison I can make is to a granola bar or trail mix. The flavours seem simple at first, but become more complex the more you eat. edills coffee houseThough Edill’s offers many different types of croissants, including chocolate, butter and spinach flavours, the Almond Croissant ($4.75) is one of the most popular.

The Pistachio Croissant ($5.75) isn’t far behind, thanks to its decadent mix of ground pistachios and powdered sugar.

edills coffee houseThe Avo-lanche ($8.75) is an extravagant alternative to homemade avocado toast.

In addition to the requisite layer of avocado paste, this open-faced sandwich is covered in grape tomatoes, feta cheese and balsamic dressing.edills coffee houseLast but not least is the Pastrami Sandwich ($10.99), which consists of thinly sliced pastrami, topped with spinach, honey mustard and creamy mayo.

Layer that between two slices of toast and you’ll have the perfect brunch.edills coffee houseEdill’s Coffee House is located at 1412 Kennedy Rd, Unit 1A.