Fake cop scams shop of cash

Fake cop scams shop of cash

HAMPTON — A local coffee shop is reeling from a theft its owner says took place over the phone as a skilled con artist coerced an employee to transfer a significant amount of cash.

MacKenzie Logan, owner of Flamingos Coffee Bar, said her employees were completely convinced a police officer was on the phone when they answered Tuesday. She said the con artist garnered immediate trust by divulging key information about the business and the people who worked there.

When Logan learned about the imposter, she said her employee had already taken a large amount of cash to a local pharmacy to deposit via a bar code into an unknown account.

Flamingos Coffee Bar was robbed of a large amount of cash by a con artist posing as a police officer over the phone on Tuesday.

Hampton Police Chief Alex Reno said police are investigating the theft at Flamingos. However, he said they could not share details because the case was still open. 

Logan said the scammer’s knowledge of the business and ability to coerce made it hard to recognize a theft was taking place.