Fat Free Milk: Your nutritious source to a hale and hearty life

Fat Free Milk: Your nutritious source to a hale and hearty life
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Fat Free Milk: Your nutritious source to a hale and hearty life

In a world where we are dealing with a situation like the Covid-19 pandemic, it becomes crucial to ensure utmost care for our body and mental health. The four walls around us can get daunting at times while we continue working from home and attending online classes. To resist the same, it becomes imperative to stay calm, healthy and integrate physical activities in our daily life. The long hours at home might tempt you to indulge in consuming junk food which will really not go well if you want to maintain a healthy body. However, adding just a cup of fat free milk to your regular diet can do ineffable wonders to your overall health and well-being. Instead of soda, flavored drinks, juices, coffee and other beverages, Fat free milk could be your excellent healthy alternative and go-to drink.

Throughout the years there have been many debates on the different types of milk and its advantages. In this article we will try to break down in simple terms the significant benefits of adding fat free milk to your regular diet.

Is Fat free really fat free?

Fat free milk retains all the benefits of whole milk, with the main difference of almost zero saturated milk fats. Fat free milk contains more calcium, protein, phosphorus, vitamin D, and vitamin A. It is less creamy and lighter in nature and consistency. Furthermore, fat free milk is sugar-free thus helping all the diabetics as well as those who are diet conscious. 


Fat free milk can also help one counter dehydration in the best possible way in the day to day life. According to the latest study done by researchers at Scotland’s St. Andrews University, Skim milk is the best beverage a body needs for hydration. The team studied and assigned Beverage Hydration Index (BHI) to the 13 beverages including still and sparkling water, fruits juices, cola, sports drinks etc., when consumed in euhydrated state by tracking the 72 Men’s urine output. The study result shows that Skim milk with the lowest fat, sugar lactose and some protein and sodium turned out doing the best job of hydrating the researched participants. As per CNN, the Sodium existent in milk “acts like a sponge and hold onto water in the body and results in less urine produced”. 

Weight loss

One of the most talked about health benefits of No fat milk is how it is a favorable choice in one’s weight loss journey, as it contains lower composition of fat compared to whole milk. As per the Indian Law, fat free milk cannot have more fat either. If you are a diet-conscious person or trying to reduce weight, it is highly recommended that you add this to your diet. As weight loss is associated with fewer calorie intake, fat free milk stays light on the 0.5 % fat. So it’s less than that and comes with no sugar nor other added ingredients which may contain stomach and helps in cutting down the additional calories ensuring a healthy way forward. 

High in Protein and Calcium

Fat free milk is one of the best sources for complete protein and calcium for your body. It contains two types of protein, namely Whey and Casein which helps in building, repairing and maintaining lean muscle mass. This good amount of protein in fat free milk also stimulates proper growth and development of bones, cells and tissues. It also provides more calcium than your regular milk, which is essential for your muscles and the overall working of the nervous system. 

Helps in lowering cholesterol

For those who have high cholesterol levels or want to reduce or maintain a healthy level, fat free milk is a perfect choice. This is largely due to the close to minimum amount of total fat in it. According to the American Heart Association, Saturated Fat in the diet can raise LDL or bad cholesterol which directly increases the risk of heart diseases and strokes. So doctors recommend that one must drink either fat free or low fat cow’s milk. A single cup of fat free milk has 83 calories, no fat and minimal cholesterol in it, which makes it a great healthy choice. 

Keeping your heart healthy

The Potassium present in fat free milk helps in relieving strain and tension present in blood vessels and arteries; thus also helps control blood pressure. Moreover, the absence of cholesterol levels in fat free milk helps in lowering risks of atherosclerosis and forms a shield against heart attacks and strokes. 

Healthy Teeth

Happy Smile: Being high in Calcium and Phosphorous, fat free milk and its by-products are the minerals necessary for the maintenance and development of healthy teeth. The protein prevents loss of calcium and phosphate, while the casein reduces the proliferation of bacteria causing cavities. Hence fat free milk promotes healthy tooth enamel and makes them stronger.

Now that you know the amazing benefits of having fat free milk, it’s high time to add it to your regular diet and let it do its magic for your body. Try it out if you haven’t already and you will witness the changes it has on your life with time. So always remember that drinking a cup of fat free milk on a daily basis is always the right choice and the right way to a hale and hearty life. 


(The author is Ms. Akshali Shah, Sr. VP- Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Parag Milk Foods Ltd., Consultant Psychologist, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre)

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. They do not reflect the views of India TV)