‘Floating food’: Here is what a pizza party at International Space Station looks like

Enjoying a slice of pizza with friends on the weekends maybe a common ritual on earth but when astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) decided to have a ‘floating pizza party’, the video undoubtedly left netizens fascinated.

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who often shares interesting snippets from his stay at ISS, recently posted a clip of enjoying pizza with fellow astronauts aboard the spacecraft.

“Floating pizza night with friends, it almost feels like a Saturday on Earth. They say a good chef never reveals their secrets, but I made a video so you can be the judge Everything but pineapple, that would be a serious offence in Italy,” wrote Pesquet while sharing the 1.24-minute clip.

Watch the video here:

In the clip, the astronauts are seen holding the pizza base and adding various ingredients on top of it. However, unlike on earth, all the ingredients, including the pizza base, are floating in the air and have to be firmly held onto in order to finish making the dish.

The video concludes with the astronauts showing the floating pizza to the camera before taking a bite. Garnering over 7 lakh views, the video instantly caught the attention of netizens and was flooded with many loving the ‘floating pizza party’.