Georgetown cafe brewing up its classics in new downtown location

Georgetown cafe brewing up its classics in new downtown location

Silvercreek Coffee House owner promises to continue with everything customers love while taking advantage of the opportunities the bigger space provides

A downtown Georgetown pillar and palace for perking up has a new, larger and cozier spot.

Silvercreek Coffee House re-opened in the new space yesterday (May 23) at 92 Main St. S., just a few doors down from their old venue.

Owner Traci Haqq’s stars aligned this year when her lease was up and the new space became available as Babbli Chan closed its doors. Haqq pounced to take over the larger space, which will allow her to realize some of her goals.

“We’re going to expand and do some acoustical music and some trivia,” Haqq told HaltonHillsToday. “I want to bring a younger vibe in with the trivia nights and paint nights.” 

Haqq and her staff will be carrying on everything their customers come to expect from the cafe. The menu is still full of foods like wraps, grilled cheese and croissant sandwiches, just to name a few. Cold drinks such as iced chai lattes and coffees, lemonades, iced tea and more can accompany those foods.

And of course, the coffee will continue to make the Silvercreek a popular stop for many regulars. Americanos for those who want a hard shot of caffeine and drip coffee for a lighter perk form the spectrum of bean brews. 

But the recent victory does not mean Haqq will be resting on her laurels. 

“We were looking to expand and reapply for our liquor license. We used to do very specialized cocktails like Earl Grey martinis, espresso martinis, really niche type of things like that,” Haqq said.

When Haqq took over from previous owner Mike Willis, customers asked her to bring back his cocktail creations. That old tradition will return as part of an evening menu sometime in the mid-summer.

As plans to move began to solidify, the Silvercreek staff experimented with expanding the sandwich menu. But Haqq appears to be more excited about introducing what she calls new “snack foods.” 

“We’ve made homemade tortilla chips, salsa and pico de gallo or a roasted goat cheese or whipped feta with roasted tomatoes,” she explained.

She’s currently in the process of experimenting with these creations, but it appears cheeses like the whipped feta are a hit with her taste testers.

Many design choices for the interior will be familiar to patrons who loved the old location. Still present is the emphasis on warm wood surfaces, a chalkboard menu and glass display case for the food. But new touches like banquet-style seating, mirrors and use of faux-climbing vines give the space, as one patron described, an upscale appearance.

Haqq’s journey to Georgetown was one filled with many twists and turns. Her accent immediately betrays her origins in North Carolina. She came to town by way of Vancouver, where she met her husband. She was transferred by her job to Ontario, which led to her settling down in Georgetown.

It reminded her of her hometown of Harmony, a little village of just under 600 people as of 2022. Not only did she fall in love with Georgetown, but her experience with small towns informed her how to run the Silvercreek. She saw right away that her adopted home would want a place like the bar from Cheers “where everybody knows your name.” 

If Haqq doesn’t remember a customer’s name, which seldom happens, she will definitely remember their usual order. Appreciative customers will often make a point of saying hello and catch up with her. 

“Small towns are unique because everyone knows everything that’s going on. And I think part of it is culture,” she said.

For further details, visit the Silvercreek Coffee House Facebook page.