Gorgeous, Golden Sheet-Pan Turmeric Chicken With Crispy Rice

Gorgeous, Golden Sheet-Pan Turmeric Chicken With Crispy Rice

Our affinity for sheet-pan dinners is downright Seussian. We like a sheet pan with salmon and potatoes. We like a sheet pan with feta and tomatoes. We like a sheet pan with chicken and bok choy. A sheet-pan bibimbap? That’s pure joy. Now Melissa Clark has a new recipe for sheet-pan turmeric chicken and crispy rice, a dish inspired by Persian tahdig, Korean nurungji and Spanish socarrat. Lemony, gingery chicken legs with golden, chewy-crispy rice make a richly flavored dinner that’s very easy and very nice.

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(We’ll stop rhyming now.)

One-pot dinners are equally loved here at New York Times Cooking — they are, after all, the stovetop version of sheet-pan recipes. Ali Slagle’s one-pan salmon niçoise with orzo is a heartier take on the classic summer salad, perfect for those winter nights when you want something light but still warming and filling. Yewande Komolafe’s asaro is also bright and comforting, with soft, generous pieces of yams and plantains bathed in a spicy, tomatoey, coconutty, brothy curry. “Delicious and happy,” says Hannah K., a reader — exactly the vibes we’ve come to expect from Yewande’s recipes.

Also one-pot — well, one skillet — is this kimchi and potato hash from Hetty Lui McKinnon. As Tanya Sichynsky noted in her Veggie newsletter, it is potato degrees outside, and this spicy-sour, creamy-crispy pan of seasoned potatoes and kimchi is just the thing for freezing temps. No kimchi in the fridge? Consider this your cue to make a huge batch of Eric Kim’s incredibly easy kimchi this weekend.

A lazy Saturday or Sunday is a great opportunity to indulge in a dinner that takes a bit more time and gives you an excuse to go to that market or specialty grocer you don’t make it to during the week. Naz Deravian’s new shoyu ramen recipe yields a gorgeous bowl of (store-bought) noodles swimming in a soothing (homemade) chicken-dashi broth, garnished with soy-marinated eggs, nori and whatever other toppings you’d like. And Ali’s easy burritos, inspired by Los Angeles-style beef, bean and cheese burritos, freeze like a dream. (In other words: You’ve sorted out lunches for the coming week.)

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