Grandpa’s Favorite Winter Soup Recipes

Grandpa’s Favorite Winter Soup Recipes

Grandpa’s Favorite Winter Soup Recipes

Once January rolls around, there is nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of soup for weeknight dinner or weekend lunch. Long gone are the days of only turning to a can of chicken noodle soup – now there are hundreds of fresh, flavorful, and delicious varieties to whip up throughout the season. Even in the South, winter can feel long and temperatures can get pretty chilly, so we’ve reached into Grandpa’s recipe box for a few of his favorites that will not disappoint. Enjoy the classics like Soup Beans and Cabbage Soup, and then branch out with creamy Loaded Potato and the ever-so-popular Lasagna Soup. (Pasta lovers, you are in for a treat with this layered creation.) We’re sharing 20 soup recipes that will help you beat the winter blues, and even included our easiest-ever Chicken Noodle Soup that starts with a rotisserie chicken and never, ever disappoints.

Greg DuPree; Food Stylist: Ali Ramee; Prop Stylist: Hannah Greenwood

We prefer pinto beans for this recipe, but you can also make this dish with black-eyed peas, pink eyes, or limas too. Finish it off by serving with a slice of cornbread, chow-chow, and maybe even potatoes.

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A prime and delicious example of Southern comfort right here: a warm bowl of chicken and dumplings for beating the winter blues.

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Thick, creamy, and hearty – this recipe is not only satisfying but it’s made with ingredients you’ll most likely have on-hand. The Tasso ham is the upgrade that will take this pot of split pea soup to a whole new tasty level.

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Pull out the trusty slow cooker, this extra creamy, cheesy soup will not only be a family-favorite but it’s perfect for when you’re hosting on a chilly evening.

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While this soup is simple to pull together, it also hits the spot on any evening. Reviewers raved: “This is our new favorite soup for family, company, or to take to others! It’s so fresh, and the lemon gives it a brightness that’s a great soup even during warm weather.”

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The beauty of a vegetable soup is that there’s no wrong type of veggie to toss into a big hearty bowl. The cheesy saltines add the perfect and unexpected finishing touch.

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Lasagna lovers, rejoice! Our Test Kitchen reimagined everyone’s favorite pasta casserole as a can’t beat soup. Just as cheesy, creamy, and delightful.

Jessica Furniss

This vibrant soup only takes one hour and a handful of ingredients to make and is sure to please everyone around the table.

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This classic Mexican-inspired soup is filled with flavors of tomato, corn, black beans, and chicken. Topped off with tortilla chips and avocado make it one of our most requested recipe of all time.

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Yes, you read that right: Hamburger Stew. This dish comes together very quickly, and between the meat, potatoes, and vegetables, it’s extremely filling. Our favorite part? The hamburger bun croutons for the ultimate finishing touch.

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Seconds, please. Leave it to the Test Kitchen to turn Grandpa’s favorite cabbage rolls into a can’t-just-eat-one-bowl soup.

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Move over tomato soup, your grilled cheese needs a new and comforting sidekick. Enter the Potato Leek Soup, which we make extra rich and creamy with a secret ingredient: buttermilk.

Caitlin Bensel; Food Stylist: Torie Cox

Not only does this recipe taste delicious but it only takes 25 minutes to pull together. It starts with a can of vegetarian chili, and is then loaded with other pantry staples.

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This easy-to-prep soup starts with a rotisserie chicken and can be easily made ahead and frozen for simple and delicious weeknight meals.


Country musician Martina McBride’s chicken tortilla soup is a Southern Living reader favorite. It’s creamy, satisfying, and the perfect recipe for any day.

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Trust us, everyone will get their filling of greens in this vibrant soup. It’s a 30-minute recipe that turns out velvety and smooth every time.

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Instant pot fans, this soup was made for you. In less than one hour, you can pull together this rich and creamy soup that uses two types of potatoes.

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Our Test Kitchen turned everyone’s go-to winter dish into a tasty soup that’s made for Sunday supper.

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Another fan-favorite that comes together thanks to the Instant Pot. Chili night is always a good idea, and this recipe (which can be made with leftover chicken) comes together in no time.

Caitlin Bensel, Food Stylist: Torie Cox

Bring that leftover ham and extra potatoes into one easy dish that comes together in under an hour. Serve with crusty bread.