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Le Bleu Coffee – blogTO

Le Bleu Coffee is a comfy cafe on St. Clair West. Though the coffee shop has only been open since the beginning of January 2024, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s been around a lot longer.

With its vintage decor, complimented by old-fashioned appliances and paintings of Golden Age starlets, Le Bleu resembles a stylish speakeasy from the turn of the 20th century.

Owner Iman says that these details were meant to evoke a bygone era. He cites BBC’s Peaky Blinders as a specific point of inspiration for the decor.

le bleu coffee torontoIman also says he wanted the cafe to appeal to the neighbourhood’s elderly residents: instead of focusing on modern designs, he furnished the space with items that would make older visitors feel at home.

“We wanted to give it the vibe of an older coffee shop,” explains Iman. “Lots of modern cafes try to rush people out the door. This cafe was designed for relaxing.”

le bleu coffee torontoBefore opening the cafe, Iman worked for Husky Technologies as a mechanical engineer. After close to six years of regular work, he grew tired of having a “normal” job and left the company to follow his passion.

His girlfriend, Mary, and his parents were supportive of the change and even helped him set up the shop. Mary currently works alongside Iman as a barista and baker.

le bleu coffee torontoThe couple prepares all of their delicious drinks behind a sleek wooden counter. Espressos, cappuccinos, and Americanos abound, along with iced lattes and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Sweets can be found on a nearby table in elegant glass displays.

le bleu coffee torontoBrownies ($3) are crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Despite their size, these fudgy slabs of chocolate are quite substantial. le bleu coffee Cookies ($3) are just as filling, with a soft, chewy texture to boot. We tried the earl grey flavour, which tastes exactly like the tea that shares its name.le bleu coffee The raspberry croissant ($6) was a standout pastry. Filled with blueberry and raspberry cream and topped with fresh raspberries and powdered sugar, this decadent dish won my heart almost instantly.le bleu coffee A slightly less extravagant option is the pistachio croissant ($6), which is topped with cream and crunchy pistachios. le bleu coffee The prosciutto sandwich ($12.95) is a popular choice, thanks to a winning mix of salty prosciutto, smooth provolone, lettuce, and sundried tomato tapenade on spiced focaccia.

The sandwich can be toasted for a crispier texture, but I ate mine as-is.

le bleu coffee torontoThe smoked salmon sandwich ($13.95) is a new addition to the menu. Like the prosciutto sandwich, the fillings are stuffed between two thick pieces of focaccia.

These fillings include smoked salmon — naturally — as well as lettuce and red onion jam.

le bleu coffee toronto

Twelve different flavours of tea ($3), including peach apricot, cranberry apple, and peppermint, are available for purchase. We chose the cream of earl grey, which paired perfectly with the cookie.

The adorable cups and saucers, not to mention the bright pink teapot, helped to sell the vintage vibes.

le bleu coffee torontoHot chocolate ($4) is a great way to end a busy day. It’s warm, mild and milky, and can be customized with foam art.

Le Bleu uses a specialized printer to turn photographs into latte art. Iman demonstrated by printing our logo alongside his own.

le bleu coffee toronto“We’re only going to live for another 50, 60 years,” Iman says, reflecting on his future. “I figured we might as well enjoy what we’re doing right now.”

“At my old job, I worked regular hours. Now, I work 15 hours a day and I love every minute of it.”

le bleu coffee torontoLe Bleu Coffee is located at 728 St. Clair Ave W.