Local Knoxville coffee shops from Honeybee to K Brew: Your guide

While you can certainly get some tasty drinks at major coffee chains, you won’t find that special, local touch that can upgrade your coffee drinking experience.

Knoxvillians love their coffee and this city is full of local options.

After four days of talking to baristas, feeling out shop vibes and drinking more caffeine than we’re willing to admit, Knox News presents a guide to your local coffee scene. 

Near UT’s campus

The Golden Roast

The interior of the Golden Roast on Sutherland Avenue, shown on Jan. 27, 2020, features chairs, couches and tables on top of historic pink marble flooring.

The first stop on our coffee tour was The Golden Roast. Right off of University of Tennessee campus, The Golden Roast has been serving professors and students since 1994.

It roasts all of its coffee in-house, meaning you’ll find a slew of original drinks on the menu like the Big Orange Mocha and the Bavarian Chocolate Cold Brew, two customer favorites. 

“There’s always a very comfortable atmosphere here for employees and customers,” Eliza Barnhart, a barista at The Golden Roast, told Knox News. “We always try and make the vibes warm and welcoming.”