Marry Me Chicken Recipe (Just 8 Ingredients, One-Pan)

Marry Me Chicken Recipe (Just 8 Ingredients, One-Pan)

Marry Me Chicken Recipe (Just 8 Ingredients, One-Pan)
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Of all the creamy chicken dinners out there, none come close to Marry Me Chicken. It’s so good that there were audible sighs and gasps of delight around the table the first time I served this Italian-inspired meal. Plates were licked clean and every drop of sauce was mopped up. I’ve made it four times in the past month, and I can tell you firsthand — it really is that delicious

The original version was developed by our very own Editor-in-Chief, Lindsay Funston, who coined the name because it was so delicious it received marriage proposal-level praise. The recipe went on to become a viral sensation with countless riffs. 

This version of the one-pan dinner is cooked entirely on the stovetop, and the light, creamy sauce has a bigger, brighter tomato flavor, thanks to the addition of tomato paste. Be sure to serve Marry Me Chicken with pasta, rice, potatoes, or bread so you mop up every last drop of sauce.

Key Ingredients in Marry Me Chicken

What’s the Difference Between Marry Me Chicken and Tuscan Chicken?

You may have noticed that these creamy chicken breast recipes seem quite similar (and you’re not wrong). Tuscan chicken was a major source of inspiration for Marry Me Chicken. It boils down to a few notable differences that set Marry Me Chicken apart.

How to Make Marry Me Chicken