New ‘flagship’ cafe launching this fall on West Broadway

New ‘flagship’ cafe launching this fall on West Broadway

It appears to be the first of a planned chain.

A new coffee shop is opening this fall on West Broadway, promising a high quality cup of coffee thanks to its “in-house technology.”

“Elevating specialty coffee at scale,” describes Avik Cafe’s Instagram bio.

Avik Cafe has signs up at 682 W Broadway already, although on social media a fall open date is indicated. A website exists but doesn’t offer much information about the business.

Signs on the shop note tea, baked goods, and gelato will be on the menu, along with coffee. Opening hours already posted on the door show the plan is to be open early and late, with doors opening at 5 a.m. and locking at 11 p.m. (except Saturday and Sunday when they plan to open at 6:30 a.m.).

While not much is shared about the coffee, one post does state Avik Cafe will be “at the forefront of the fourth coffee wave.” The term “fourth coffee wave” has been used in the last few years to describe incoming trends in the coffee market that include specialty coffees, ready-to-drink choices, and home options.

Renderings have been posted showing the inside of the cafe, as designed by Luxe Design Studio; on their Instagram page, the designer notes the renderings are for the first of a chain of planned Avik Cafes.

While the coffee shop’s social media doesn’t mention the plan to become a chain per se, there’s a hint at the idea given the first location is referred to as the “flagship store.”

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