20 Ways Your Grocery Store Makes You Sick

The grocery store seems so innocent: A cabinet-filling cornucopia of sustenance for you and your family. Turns out, it contains an average soap opera's worth of secrets. As soon as you walk in the door — wait, don't grab that cart before you read this — you're presented with some pretty serious threats to your health, from secretly unhealthy products to marketing gimmicks to the stuff that lurks on the freezer door handles. That's why Eat This, Not That! Health asked top experts to reveal the ways your grocery store can make you sick — so your next shopping trip…
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Founders Coffee expands to a third location, this time inside a Henderson grocery store

Beloved Founders Coffee expands to a third location for coffees, toasts, teas, and pastries, this time in Green Valley inside La Bonita Supermarket. This third location, the first for Founders inside a supermarket, will offer the same menu of traditional coffees including a classic dark roast and Founders blend as well as lattes including the lavender white chocolate and Hula Girl with mocha, coconut, and caramel. New La Bonita specials include the churro latte with cinnamon, espresso, milk, and white chocolate; tres leches latte with sweetened condensed milk, dulce de leche, espresso, and milk; and cafe con leche. Founders Coffee…
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