The Rodgers bring healthy food to Gastonia neighborhood

Chyncia Rodgers fondly remembers as a child taking her allowance money to the local convenience store to buy herself a treat.

Now she and her husband, Micholas, own a convenience store of their own. The couple recently opened the door to Mic’s Mini Market at 1528 W. May Ave., off West Airline Avenue, in Gastonia.

The store offers the usual lineup of snacks and drinks, but also fresh produce in an area of the city where such healthy options are limited.

“It’s just a joy to see the kids coming. The kids come and they pick up watermelon,” said Chyncia.

The Rodgers have been in the community for 10 years running a bail bond business. 

When Chyncia moved from Washington D.C. to Gastonia she realized businesses were far apart and those without cars would be deprived of healthy and convenient food.