‘This is getting out of hand’: Netizens fume over viral picture of ‘Maggi milkshake’

While Maggi seems to be a favourite among desi foodies, it is also a dish that many tend to experiment with and often go a tad bit extreme. While earlier it was ‘Maggi Laddu‘ and ‘Oreo Maggi’ that left netizens feeling disgusted, now the latest one to make many cringe is the ‘Maggi milkshake’.

While it is not clear who made the bizarre dish, a picture of two milkshake glasses topped with a scoop of cooked Maggi is now being widely circulated on several social media platforms.

“Some idiot shared this with me…Maggie Milk-shake…. Jinda pakadna hai in banane waalo ko… (need to catch the creator alive),” wrote a user @mayursejpal while sharing the viral image.

Once shared online, the image, which has now garnered over 2,000 likes, instantly caught the attention of many, leaving social media flooded with reactions. “Maggi milkshake. Every day we stray further from God’s light,” wrote another user while tweeting a picture of the bizarre food combination.

While food experiments tend to be bizarre sometimes, Maggi lovers clearly did not approve of the dish being used as a topping. Many expressed their concerns about the weird food combination. “This is getting out of hand. This is how the world ends. Not with a bang but with Maggi milkshake,” tweeted a user while re-sharing the image.