Why Lana Condor Is Prioritizing Sleep This Year

Why Lana Condor Is Prioritizing Sleep This Year

As the confetti settles and the echoes of “Happy New Year” cheers fade into the distance, many people are looking toward the upcoming year for a fresh start. It’s often a chance to set new goals, whether that’s eating more vegetables or getting daily steps in. And one person setting goals for the year is To All the Boys actress and food enthusiast Lana Condor.

In partnership with Kind Snacks, Condor is gearing up for the launch of “Better You by Lana,” a one-day immersive pop-up in Los Angeles on January 12. The campaign aims to empower consumers to navigate through the noise of intense health trends and resolutions often associated with the start of a new year.  

We had the opportunity to chat with Condor and learn more about her personal health journey, how she’s working to find balance and why she’s redefining the way we approach New Year’s resolutions. 

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Starting with her own wellness practice, Condor is making 2024 her “year of sleep.” Recently, she’s recognized the profound impact the quality of sleep can have on overall well-being, and she emphasizes its role as the foundation for a healthy life. Not getting enough sleep can lead to trouble focusing, higher risk for high blood pressure and more. “I have found that sleep is the building block of your overall wellness and health, and once the sleep is figured out and you have a good routine, you can build with nutrients and movement,” says Condor. (If you’re also looking to prioritize sleep, here’s the No. 1 habit to break for better sleep.)

Maintaining balance is also key for Condor. When creating New Year’s resolutions, she advocates for adding things to your routine rather than taking a restrictive approach—and we wholeheartedly agree here at EatingWell. Finding things that naturally complement your day, like incorporating whole grains in your meals, drinking more water and moving your body, are manageable steps to take toward your goals. 

Moreover, to introduce these holistic goals into her life, Condor is focusing on letting go of feelings of shame and guilt in 2024. In her own life, she’s witnessed how these emotions can hold someone back from true happiness and health. Her approach to resolutions encompasses mental and physical health. She wants to empower others to embrace a similar mindset, starting with her Kind partnership. 

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Condor’s perspective is exactly the mindset we can get behind. Instead of fleeting promises, usher in 2024 with small, manageable strides that pave the way for positive, lasting transformation. Here’s to a year filled with purposeful steps and gentle grace toward growth.